Requirement Waivers

Petitions for waivers of M.Div. required courses are decided on a case-by-case basis by the Area in which the course resides.  In making such a petition, the student must provide a copy of her or his transcript and a copy of the syllabus for the course or courses being considered for substitution.  The following are general guidelines for assessing such petitions:
•    The course or courses to be substituted must have been taken at an accredited institution.
•    The grade received for the coursework by the petitioning student must be at least a C.
•    The course or courses must have at least the same credit value as the course being considered for exemption.  
•    The course or courses to be substituted should be comparable to the course being considered for exemption in terms of content, expectation, level of academic engagement, and student outcomes.
•    Other factors may also legitimately inform such a decision, particularly when courses have been taken outside of the United States.  
Waivers with accompanying materials can be submitted to the Director of Graduate Academic Services (, or to the Graduate Academic Standing Committee here.