Drew students may cross-register for courses at Union Theological School (interdenominational), New York Theological Seminary and General Theological Seminary through Drew University’s Office of the Registrar. These courses are billed at Drew’s tuition rate and student scholarships apply. To cross-register, fill out the paperwork on the Registrar’s web page.

In order to be eligible for cross-registration, a student must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher.

Degree program required courses may not be completed through cross-registration. Generally, a student may not take more than one course per semester through cross-registration. In exceptional circumstances, a student may petition the Graduate Academic Standing Committee to take two courses in a semester through cross-registration.

The total number of credits for which a student may register through cross registration is limited by degree program as follows:

MAR: 6 credits

MATM: 6 credits

MDiv: 12 credits

STM: 3 credits

DMin: 3 credits

PhD: 12 credits*

A student may petition the Graduate Academic Standing Committee to take an additional 3 credits through cross-registration beyond these limits.

Non-degree and certificate program students not otherwise enrolled in a degree program may not cross register the Union Theological School, New York Theological Seminary, or General Theological Seminary.

*PhD students may take no more than 12 credit hours in their degree program through cross-registration and tutorials combined.