Non-Discriminatory and Inclusive Language Policy

The Drew University Theological School affirms the full equality of all persons in God’s all-inclusive love, regardless of gender, race, nation, class, age, ability, religion, or sexual orientation (Galatians 3:28). This theological conviction finds social expression in spoken and written language. In order to live out a crucial practical dimension of our equality in Christ and to avoid marginalizing members of our community, the Theological School expects students to use non-discriminatory and mindfully inclusive language for humanity both in the classroom (that is, in writing assignments, presentations, and classroom discussions) and in the chapel liturgy (that is, in prayers and sermons). Students are also encouraged to use a variety of metaphors when referring to God. While students will not receive grade deductions on specific assignments, they will be evaluated on their overall efforts to engage the theological and social problems of discriminatory and exclusive language. This policy thus encourages students to work to integrate a theology of God’s love and justice with the everyday practice of leadership.